Gas supply agreement resigning (for clients)

In case of apartment owner change:

  1. an acceptance certificate is filled in (Appendix No.1);
  2. person terminating the agreement fills in the application on gas supply termination (Appendix No.2) based on acceptance certificate (Appendix No.1);
  3. new client fills in the application on gas supply agreement (Appendix No.3)based on acceptance certificate (Appendix No.1).

Person terminating the agreement submits acceptance certificate (Appendix No.1) to SIA "LPG" along with the application on gas supply termination (Appendix No.2). The company prepares final calculation according to submitted documents.

New client submits the following documents to SIA "Latvijas propāna gāze" - an acceptance certificate (Appendix No.1), application on gas supply (Appendix No.3) copy of the Land Register, rental or purchase agreement. If the change of ownership occurs as a result of the inheritance (inheritance from the deceased person), new client fills in an application on gas supply (Appendix No.3) indicating the same client's number. Afterwards, along with a copy of the death certificate and copy of his ID submits to SIA "Latvijas Propāna Gāze". The company prepares new agreement according to submitted documents.

All documents should be submitted to SIA "Latvijas propāna gāze":

  • office at Kurzemes prospekts 19, Riga
  • scanned copies via email:
  • by regular mail to Kurzemes prospekts 19, Riga, LV- 1067, Customer Department
  • by fax 67808018