Transit services

SIA "Latvijas Propāna Gāze" provides liquefied petroleum gas transshipment services through Freeport of Riga.

To carry out the work LPG has:

1. 142 meters long berth to receive a tanker with a draft of up to 6.9 meters;

2. fleet of coastal tanks for gas storage with total capacity of 3,600 tons;

3. railway overpass for gas tanks draining (20 posts);

4. pump shop for gas supply to the tanker with an average speed of 100 tons per hour (second and third quarters of the year) and 70 tons per hour (first and fourth quarters).

LPG work scope includes:

  • gas transportation in railway tanks on the territory of Latvia;
  • gas unloading from railway tank into shore tanks;
  • gas storage in tanks;
  • gas loading from shore tanks into a tanker;
  • accompanying cargo documents registration according to customer instructions.

SIA "Latvijas Propāna Gāze" performs loading of the tanker 24/7 including holidays of the Republic of Latvia by additional arrangement.

SIA "Latvijas Propāna Gāze" performs works on gas reception in tankers, placement in shore tanks and delivery to the customer in railway tanks or gas carriers.