Gas cylinders sales
terms and conditions

When receiving an empty cylinder (exchange tank), it should meet the following requirements:

  1. cylinder periodic maintenance is not delayed;
  2. paint on the cylinder surface should not be damaged;
  3. there should be no mechanical damage on the cylinder body or valve (dents, etc.);
  4. each cylinder should have it's passport on it.

If the cylinder does not conform to b, c, and d, it should be considered invalid for further use and not accepted for exchange.

Upon clients request invalid cylinder can be recycled.

If the cylinder does not conform to a, client can use cylinder only after testing. To exchange the cylinder, client should pay additional price for the testing.

When client has paid for gas he receives document confirming the purchase, where cylinder number is indicated.

The seller should inform client on guarantee, measures to be carried out for emergency situations localisation during the use of cylinder and in case of gas leakage.

Guarantee obligations apply, if the document confirming the purchase is presented.

The customer gets instructions for cylinder use and replacement, a seal for reducer, which is normally placed at the bottom of the valve under the seal membrane.

If a periodic maintenance has not been carried out, cylinders use is strictly prohibited.