Payment process

Monthly fee

Monthly payment amount is calculated each individual client according to their average gas consumption for the previous year. Information on monthly payments is specified in the annual calculation.

Advance payment

All clients have an opportunity to make an advance payment. In this case there is 7% discount, if:

  • the client has no debt for previous period (debt is paid);
  • gas meter reading is submitted from October 1st to December 15th.

Frequently asked questions

How monthly fee is calculated?
For example, if previous year gas consumption was 19.2 m3, during the next year you will pay for average monthly consumption, which is 1.6 m3 (19.2 m3 / 12 months = 1.6 m3).
What happens, if I use more gas than I have prepaid?
What happens, if I use less gas than I have prepaid?
Can I pay the bills according to actual consumption?
To whom and when the bills according to the flat rate payment are issued?
What does flat rate payment mean?
What is required to sign an agreement on gas supply?
What is required to resign / terminate gas supply agreement?